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Historical dictionary... (515)

Boissieu, Adolphe

Born at St-Marcellin (Isère), September 25, 1806
Taking of the habit at Marseilles October 31, 1837
Oblation at Marseilles, January 1, 1839
Expelled from the Congregation, October 3, 1839.

Born at Saint-Marcellin, diocese of Grenoble, on September 25, 1806. Adolph Boissieu entered the novitiate on October 31, 1837 and made his oblation on January 1, 1839. He then studied with the scholastic brothers at the major seminary of Marseilles. He was expelled from the Congregation in the session of the General Council held October 3 of that same year. In the report, we read: “This young man, of difficult personality and unstable emotional make-up, had initially given rise to hope that we could benefit from him and that little by little he would mend his ways and that he would finally overcome himself completely. But for a considerable length of time already., things have gone from bad to worse [...] He is not a person who can live in community...”

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.

Oblate General Archives in Rome. Oblation formula, January 1, 1839; Registry of expulsions and dispensations. p. 55-56.