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March 1st, 2016

The pre-chapter commission had its 4th meeting during the first week of February, working on some of the final details for the 36th chapter which celebrates the 200thanniversary of the Congregation.

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DAY 13 - General Chapter 2016
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36th General Chapter
September 14 to October 12, 2016

At this time next year!

In just one year, the attention of the entire Oblate Congregation will be focused on the Eternal City where the 36thGeneral Chapter will be under way (September 14 – October 8, 2016).

The members of the Commission preparing the 36thGeneral Chapter will meet soon in Rome (October 20 - 23) to review the steps already taken: a synthesis of the answers to the questionnaire sent as an animation tool to all Oblates; reports from the provinces, delegations, missions and regions; the list of chapter delegates already elected; the plans for the next steps; the recommendations from the General Council; and a visit the site of the chapter, the Christian Brothers property on Via Aurelia in Rome.

Claudio BERTUCCIO is the commissioner, assisted by Martin WOLF and Emmanuel YOUNGTEN. Fr. General is the chair of the commission; Cornelius NGOKA is the General Council liaison and William O’DONNELL is the secretary.

There are expected to be a maximum of 86 members of the Chapter from the various Oblate units and those invited by the Superior General. The complete list should be available by the end of 2015.

The logo for the Chapter has been selected and can be found at www.omiworld.org on the home page, as is the prayer for the success of the Chapter. More detailed information is expected to be added to the site following the Plenary Session of the Central Government in September/October and the October commission meeting.

Proposals for possible discussion at the Chapter should be sent to the commission as soon as possible, as the deadline is October 1. The e-mail address for correspondence with the commission is omichapter2016@gmail.com.