Elle is a popular team sport in Sri Lanka. To an outsider’s eye, it might look somewhat similar to American baseball. Our Lady of Holy Rosary Church, Kuchchaveli, organized a friendly Elle tournament on January 15, which is the Thaipongal Day – the Tamil festival of thanksgiving.

The invitees were Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist girls’ teams from nine different towns. Among the guests who witnessed the occasion were Fr. Balasingam JEYABALAN, the parish priest of Nilaweli, and Fr. Jesu RAMESH, the parish priest of Kuchchaveli.

This event publicly demonstrated the harmonious co-existence and the dialogue among the multi-religious and multi-ethnic people in and around the parish. Meanwhile Fr. Ramesh has also taken a lot initiative to raise the educational level of the children of the area with his linguistic talents. He also travels long distances daily, which he does happily, in order to gather children and people together for religious and educational activities in his parish. (Fr. S. Randil FERNANDO)