The Refugio San Eugenio is in the area of Virrey del Pino, in the Buenos Aires district of La Matanza. There is an internet radio program; lunch for many kids; a scout group; and many youth who gather there “to cure their bodies and souls from the scourge of addiction.” They have various sport, recreational, social and missionary activities. Two Oblates serve at the Refugio: Frs. Sergio MENEGONI and Antonio MARIANGELI.

In April, the Bishop of Gregorio de Laferrere, Mons. Gabriel Barba, paid a visit to the Refugio that serves as a shelter for children and adolescents who are at risk. The bishop toured the facilities managed by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and spoke with the children and adolescents who go there in search of a safe harbor.

“The bishop shared the whole afternoon with us,” stated one of the lay collaborators of the place.

Meanwhile, Father Sergio described the bishop’s visit as “an unforgettable afternoon” and he summed up the experience with one word: “Thanks.”

“First of all, to God who was present in so many ways: in a dazzlingly clear sky; in an atmosphere of total joy; in the testimonies of the youth; in the celebration of Mass which was the culmination of a wonderful feast,” he explained.

“Thanks too,” he added, “to Bishop Barba who, with his closeness, his simplicity and availability, mingled with the children and youth, sharing in their games, playing ping pong, giving interviews, chatting amiably, and enjoying the ever present mate and fried cakes.”

The religious stated: “Our hearts were full as we received words of encouragement from our shepherd for our work, inspiring us to continue being a ‘beacon of light’ in the neighborhood, radiating hope and life to the many needy youth.”

“What I have just said and for the many experiences we had, this afternoon will be remembered as something unforgettable: an afternoon full of blessings which touched our souls.” (