The 24th NINIWA convention took place in early May at Kokotek. The convention is a gathering of youth from every Oblate community in Poland – altogether more than 200 people. It takes place twice a year, once in the NINIWA Formation Center in Kokotek and once in an Oblate parish. The first convention was held in 2004.

The convention lasted 4 days (April 30 –May 3). The youth arrived in the evening of the first day. After the evening meal and a prayer session, the principal theme of the convention was introduced: Mission ImPossible. Local families offered the attendees lodging for the nights.

On the second day, after a prayer session, the Provincial of Poland, Fr. Antoni BOCHM, presided at Eucharist; then there was a conference and time for worship and confession. In the afternoon, the Catholic band, Full Power of the Spirit, entertained.

After Mass on the third day, everyone took part in Mission Possible – games with an apostolic theme. The participants were divided into groups of 12, each with its own leader and a list of tasks to accomplish. They went into the forest, each group in a different direction. All of the tasks were based on the Holy Bible; the purpose was to teach the participants how to be apostles. The tasks required them to leave their warm and safe everyday lives to cooperate with each other and to trust their leader. Everyone enjoyed the game and found it uplifting. It lasted for eight hours! At the end of the day, there was a bonfire.

The local bishop presided at the closing Mass and the youth were invited to look forward to the next gathering in November.