“Kronach in Lights” is one of Germany’s most beautiful and popular light festivals. For the ninth time, the Bavarian town held the festival from 29 April until 8 May 2016 in the historic old part of town. The Oblates at the parish of St. John the Baptist joined the event with special light-centered events on the “Night of Churches.” Also participating were other churches and the old synagogue.

The Kronach festival attracts many artistic uses of lights to illuminate buildings and trees. Visitors may also enjoy music and food in the town squares.

At the Oblate parish, visitors were invited to experience the special lighting on the interior of the church and to ponder the story of an image of the Christ called the “Holy Face of Manopello,” presented in a video. The “Holy Face” or “Volto Santo” is venerated by some as a true image of Jesus, possibly imprinted on the veil of Veronica. The veil has been located in Manopello, Italy, since the early 16th century. The video (in German) can be seen on YouTube.