Bishop Sebastian Koto KHOARAI, OMI

On 9 October 2016, at the end of a Marian celebration for the Jubilee of Mercy, Pope Francis named 17 new Cardinals. Among the four who are beyond the age of 80 is an Oblate of Mary Immaculate, Bishop Sebastian Koto KHOARAI, Bishop-emeritus of Mohale’s Hoeck in Lesotho.

The 87 year-old Cardinal-elect professed his first vows as an Oblate in 1951 and was ordained a priest in 1956. He was appointed the first Bishop of Mohale’s Hoek in 1977 and retired at the age of 84 in 2014.

Cardinal-elect Sebastian KOTO KHOARAI as a young Bishop

In announcing the Consistory for 19 November 2016, Pope Francis said: “To the Members of the College of Cardinals, I will join also an Archbishop and two Bishops Emeriti who are distinguished in their pastoral service and a priest who has rendered a clear Christian witness. They represent many bishops and priests throughout the Church who build up the People of God, announcing the merciful love of God in the daily care of the Lord’s flock in the confession of faith.”