On August 18 and 20, the community at Maison Notre-Dame celebrated with Father Philippe MONTGRAIN his 100th birthday. The first was with his Oblate family on Friday and on Sunday, with many members of his own family. In his homily for the occasion, the Provincial, Fr. Luc TARDIF, in line with the liturgical texts, proposed that, in part, the secret of longevity for missionary disciples is faith, hope and charity that make us alive and live-giving for the world.

Now, at Richelieu, we have three centenarians, including Father Leo-Paul PIGEON (Dean of the Congregation: 07/03/1914) and Brother Louis RIOUX (Vice-Dean: 09/08/1915). Clearly, the surroundings are themselves an obvious source of quality of life and conducive to longevity. The quality of fraternal life, the cordiality and competence of the staff, the collaboration between the various personnel in administration, nursing, cooking, reception, hospitality, animation and Oblate leadership contribute to a culture of life and health. A profound thanks to one and all. (OMI INFO, 1 September 2017)