The annual meeting of European Committee on Ministry with Youth and Vocation Ministry took place from 20 to 25 October 2017 in Romania, specifically in the Oblate community of Maracineni, next to Pitesti, a city in the diocese of Bucharest.

The purpose of this gathering was to focus on the theme of “vocation”. The committee also took the opportunity to discuss the GECO (Giovanile Europeo Carismo Oblato – European Youth and the Oblate Charism), a meeting last August in Aix-en-Provence that brought together 45 young people from Europe who are close to the Oblates.

This meeting took place as usual in two stages:

  • from October 20 to 22, a session that brought together Oblates, consecrated persons including a representative of “Las Oblatas” and young representatives of different provinces or Units: Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Ireland, France, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic.
  • from 23 to 25 October, a meeting of just the Oblates, for the consideration of the administrative portfolios of the committee.

The theme of this meeting, “Come and See”, gave a sense of of personal challenge before the launch of the Year of Vocations to be held from December 8, 2017 to January 25, 2019. It was therefore into an atmosphere of warmth and fraternity that we were welcomed to their community by Frs. Damian CIMPOESU and Lucian BOSOI; this contributed to the joy of our reunion and our various exchanges. (Michel Yapi, young Oblate layman in