The General Service of Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation (GS-JPIC) held its annual meeting from the 9th to 14th November 2017 in Rome. It was the first meeting of the Service since the death of Fr. Kennedy KATONGO, former Director of the Service, on September 14, 2016.

At this meeting, the members of the Service affirmed the essential place of ministry to justice, peace and the integrity of creation in our Oblate life and ministry. As Oblates, this is our way of bringing Jesus Christ and the Gospel to all of creation, especially to the different faces of the poor in this age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

We continue to draw inspiration from Saint Eugene’s exhortation to “strive first of all to lead people to act like human beings, and then like Christians, and finally, we must help them to become saints”.

Front row: Daniel LeBLANC (OMI representative to the United Nations), Antonio PONCE (JPIC Animator for US-Canada), Ashok STEPHEN (JPIC Animator for Asia-Oceania), Alerto HUAMAN (General Councillor for Latin America) Back row: Peter STOLL (General Councillor for Asia-Oceania), Sergio NATOLI (JPIC Animator for Europe), Louis LOUGEN (Superior General), Cristobal ACOSTA (JPIC Animator for Latin America), Guillaume MUTHUNDA (General Councillor for Africa-Madagascar), Elphas KHOZA (JPIC Animator for Africa-Madagascar), Ramon BERNABE (2nd Assistant General)

We recognize the many Oblates who, in partnership with lay people and organizations, are already at the forefront of initiatives for JPIC for many years. We advocate for more actions on behalf of justice and peace that are, to a greater extent, integrated with the life of every Oblate and Oblate community. We also urge that our lifelong formation processes endeavor further to nurture our minds and hearts along the path of justice and peace.

We in the General Service will strive to enhance efforts at collaboration and animation, and we invite you to tell us the wonderful stories of your activities and suggestions, in words and images, and send these to [email protected].