Fr. George McLEAN

The formal dedication of the George F. McLean Center for the Study of Culture and Values was held on Nov.13, 2017, in the Vincent P. Walter Board Room in Curley Hall at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Approximately 50 scholars from around the world attended the event to honor Fr. George McLEAN, a philosopher whose work over 40 years was to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding on basic human and social issues, especially among teachers in major universities.

After the welcome by the provost of CUA, Fr. Charles HURKES read a letter of appreciation to the University from the Oblate provincial, Fr. Louis STUDER, for “recognizing the value of Fr.McLean’s lifelong passion to bring about greater understanding, compassion and hope for all people of the world to live together in peace with great appreciation and celebration of our differences.”

In his keynote address, Fr. John STAAK noted that “Fr. George stayed above the deconstructionist frenzy and worked creatively to engage people, regardless of their philosophical system or approach, gently guiding them to build a philosophy that supported the dignity of human freedom. This center, then, will face the challenge of engaging the various philosophies around the world in a similar manner of creative development. “Central to this mission of creative engagement resides the task of investigating the dynamics of growth in human freedom.”

Later, men and women from Canada, China, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Ukraine, CUA, Georgetown University, New York, and Milwaukee briefly expressed their personal memories and appreciation of Fr. McLean.

The event was preceded by a noon memorial Mass in the Caldwell Hall Chapel at the Catholic University. (OMI-USA, January 2018)