Together with the provincial, Fr. Luc TARDIF, and the provincial treasurer, Fr. Jacques LALIBERTÉ, the confreres of the Coast met on April 23-25 to rest, share, pray and celebrate. There were nine Oblates who also took the opportunity to meet with the Innu of Mani Utenam and Uashat communities. Expressions of unity in adversity and of hope for a new alliance took on a veritable paschal character.

The coordinator of the regional community, Father Ali NNAEMEKA, also invited Mrs. Danielle “Putushkueu” Descent, a psychologist who has worked with the Innu populations for several decades. She generously shared her experience of interculturality on a professional level. She is also married to an Innu.

It was therefore an opportunity to reflect on diversity and otherness in a very concrete way in these milieus. For example, she stated that it is not well thought of in the Innu culture to try to stand out “Briller, ce n’est pas brillant,” – “To stand out is not so smart,” she says, referring to this inclination to humility. At the Health and Social Services Center where she works, all professionals in support services carry the same title of sponsors. (