Fr. Vimalrajan PARUNANTHU who belongs to Jaffna Province in Sri Lanka, worked in the diocese of Palermo (Italy) as a chaplain for the Sri Lankan immigrants for the past six years (2012 – 2018). During those years, he was mainly engaged in the ministry of evangelization and presence for the immigrants. Using his God-given talents and hard work, he brought many of them closer to God, the Church, and one another by means of spiritual activities, sports, arts and education. Pilgrimages, awareness programmes, educational programmes, publication of Tamil and Italian journals, seminars, youth activities, forming various pious associations, etc. were common features during his tenure in Palermo.

Fr. Vimal had even gone one step further and had established a closer relationship with those migrants who belonged to other religions. The good rapport he had with the Sri Lankan embassy in Italy is also noteworthy.  His ministry in the city was very much appreciated by the diocese of Palermo, Oblate Mediterranean Province and the Municipal Council of Palermo.

On January 22, Leoluca Orlando, the Mayor of Palermo recognized the invaluable services of Fr. Vimal with gratitude, by presenting him the prestigious certificate ‘Tessera Preziosa del Mosaico Palermo’ at his office in Palermo.