The Spanish missionary in Paraguay Fr. Olegario DOMÍNGUEZ completed 99 years of life on March 6 but he continues to correct theses of theology students!

On March 10, 2019, celebrating his 73 years of priesthood, the Virgen de Caacupé Community of Asunción, Paraguay wrote the following words:

“We are happy to share the wonderful gift of God that is ‘YOUR Life’; we have overcome scares and worries about your health. But our Lord listened to our pleas and so we are here giving thanks for your restored health.  God in his immense tenderness, gave you life and filled you with gifts, which we will sum up in two: LOVE and SERVICE. Love and serve God; love and serve the most remote and needy of God’s children. With your words of evangelization, you have always directed us towards faith and salvation, along the path that leads us to our Creator.

You are a humble and submissive son of Mary, our Mother and Protector. You are always ready to listen to us in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, to help us forgive our brothers and to be reconciled with ourselves. You are the example of finding Jesus in the face and in the embrace of the brother in need. P. Olegario, we are a part of your great family of Paraguay; we are your children of the community of Caacupe, who are very spoiled – you never get tired of pampering us. You have been a great evangelizer and a grand master for many generations, a tireless worker of the Father God.

Thanks, Pa’i Olegario. God and our Mother, the Virgin of Caacupe, bless you and protect you every day of your life. And we celebrate another important date for God, for Fr. Olegario and for all of us, on March 10, when he celebrates 73 years of priestly life, in which he is always trying to fulfill the Plan of God.

And so, he arrived in our country on September 4, 1980 at 60 years of age. Thank you for agreeing to come to Paraguay. You evangelized us with your homilies, your counsel and your simple and close lifestyle. In sum – humility. missionary of Jesus, charity and evangelizer!!!!”

Father Olegario was born on March 6, 1920 in Spain. He currently lives in the Central House of Asunción, Paraguay. He always gets up early, prays, concelebrates the morning mass at 6 o’clock, prays Lauds with the community, has breakfast and works to correct the theses of the theology students; he receives visits of those who wish to confess or to ask for advice, etc. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays he receives medical attention at home to heal his wounds and, with the physiotherapist, he performs physical exercises in order to be physically fit in order to continue serving the Church, the Congregation and the community.

In a word, Fr. Olegario, despite his age and some ailments, continues with great strength and enthusiasm. He maintains his joy and good humor and does everything he can to stay well because he wants to continue serving without rest.He is a living example for all of us the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.