The video of the first day (May 4, 2019) of the International Congress “Oblation and Martyrdom” that took place in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (Spain). ***The audio of the video is always SPANISH since the live streaming was done in Spanish.


0:00:20 Presentation of Alberto Ruiz.
0:04:50 Introduction to the Congress of Fabio Ciardi.
0:14:33 Juan María Laboa “The Church in the Spanish crisis of the 1930s”.
1:04:44 Eutimio González “The martyrdom of the Spanish Oblates”.
1:39:57 Zdzislaw Józef Kijas “The concept of martyrdom in the twentieth century.”
2:10:50 David López “How does God prepare the martyrs?”
2:48:43 Malgarzata Mazur “How the martyrs can inspire the laity”.
2:58:44 Testimonies of relatives of the Oblate martyrs.
3:11:40 Alberto Ruiz “Oblation and Martyrdom.”
3:41:15 Dialogue with the rapporteurs (Eutimio González, David López and Alberto Ruiz).
4:04:53 Testimony of Asunción Hinojosa.
4:14:49 Testimony of Verónica Amaro.
4:27:39 Dialogue with those present at the Congress