The inter-chapter is drawing to the end of its first week in Obra. The Church has been very much challenged by the sexual abuse scandals on minors and vulnerable adults. The Church has continuously called all religious congregations to reflect on how they handle the sexual abuses of minors and vulnerable adults. It is in response to the calls of the Church and the 36th General Chapter that the inter-capitulars dedicated to a session on safeguarding minors and vulnerable adults.

Mrs. Suzanne Phelan, designated liaison officer for the Anglo-Irish province, animated the day. She gave rich personal and professional experiences to the inter-capitulars pointing out important issues around the sexual abuse cases. She made an invitation to help, not only the victims of abuse, but also the perpetrators. She invited the superiors to deal with the cases with great humanity.

Suzanne reminded the inter-capitulars of the Gospel call to allow the little ones to come to contact with God. The responsibility of the Church is to listen to the voices of the little ones. The discussions amongst inter-capitulars revealed how much the congregation is dedicated to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.