In conformity with the Constitutions and Rules, one of the responsibilities of the Superior General and the inter-capitulars is to “to provide for the remote preparation of the next Chapter” (Rule 128e). It is in faithfulness to this task that the inter-capitulars dedicated this day to the preparation of the 37th General Chapter. The General Chapter is “the highest authority within the congregation” (Constitution 125), and preparations are essential for it. Frs Marek JAGZIER and Paolo ARCHIATI introduced the inter-capitulars to the preparations by highlighting the important aspects that should guide the inter-capitulars as they reflect on the next General Chapter. Fr Marek explained the current statistics of the congregation, focusing on how the regions will be represented on the 37th General Chapter.

In assisting the Superior General, the inter-capitulars were called to reflect on the theme of the next General Chapter. Fr Paolo Archiati reminded the inter-capitulars that the themes of the previous General Chapters had a ‘pendulum motion’, with either an ad intra or an ad extra focus. This pendulum motion reflects the mission of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate which focuses on the identity and sanctification of the Oblates, and also on the zeal for the evangelisation of the poor. After a time of reflection and prayer, the inter-capitulars spent the afternoon in small groups discussing their proposals for the theme of the next General Chapter. The small groups had the task of developing the theme and looking at the context of each proposed theme.