On the opening of the inter-chapter on the 1st of July 2019, the inter-capitulars were invited to journey with Christ as the two disciples of Emmaus. The two disciples of Emmaus shared with Christ their disappointments and worries. They equally shared their hopes, and the faith they had in Jesus. In the same manner, during these past two weeks, the inter-capitulars shared the successes and challenges that regions and units face in responding to the calls of the last chapter. Their hearts were on fire as they listened to each other during the past two weeks.

On this last day of the inter-chapter, the presidents of the regions engaged in a fraternal dialogue with the Central Government. They gave the evaluations from the regions, highlighting the urgent needs of each region. All regions thanked the collaboration and support that they have been receiving from the Central Government and called for a stronger bond as the congregation journeys towards the 37th General Chapter. Fr. Guillaume MUTHUNDA, on behalf of the Central Government, thanked the regions for their dedication during this period of the inter-chapter. He highlighted that the Central Government is open to collaboration with regions; however, more collaboration should exist amongst regions themselves and amongst units. Fr. Louis LOUGEN, the Superior General, thanked the province of Poland for opening their home to their Oblate brothers from around the world. He thanked all those who planned and animated the sessions of the inter-chapter.

In his homily during the closing Eucharist, the Superior General thanked the inter-capitulars for opening themselves to the Spirit. He reminded them that the evaluation of the last three years was done with the eyes of the heart. He called the Oblates to live with fraternal love, and to keep alight the missionary zeal. The Oblates are the friends of Jesus, and their love is so great that they are ready to lay down their lives for him and for each other. In conclusion to his homily, he stated that it is Jesus who is sending out the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. He is sending them back in the Spirit to their Jerusalem. He is sending them to evangelise the poor.