A new edition of Oblate Missiologists has been prepared for the October Extraordinary Mission Month requested by Pope Francis:  Oblate Missiologists: A Workbook 2019. Seventeen authors from our five regions have contributed, and the editor, Fr. Harry WINTER, has added appendices on our six and one half (Cardinal Ling, I.V.D. from Laos) Oblate cardinals, and on Oblate ministry in the Arctic.

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI

For the first time, our new General Administration Mission Committee, and the Mission Committees of the five regions, are at least sketched. May we hope that Oblates in each region will now offer insights on their New Evangelization activities to their regional Mission Committee?

Fr. Ron ROLSHEISER has described Oblate Missionary work as the best-kept secret in the missionary world. During this October Extraordinary Mission Month, may we open the secret at least for ourselves? Read Oblate Missiologists: A Workbook 2019 to begin.