On the 21-22 November, representatives from all across the region came together for the Asia-Oceania Region conference on Mission with Youth. Over the two days, representatives from Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam had the opportunity to explore the Congregation’s Vision and Mission Document for Mission with Youth, launched last year at the Interchapter, and to develop an AORC network for Mission with Youth.

Originally planned to be held in Hong Kong in January 2020, it was postponed to August 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and restrictions on travel, the gathering moved to an online format. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as more representatives were able to attend. The gathering began with prayer, then each of the Units had a chance to share and introduce the work they are doing with their youth. The rest of the gathering was spent exploring and discerning the Vision and Mission Document. Each session began with a short video presentation that introduced the 3 goals of the Vision and Mission, which was then followed by each Unit spending time discussing and exploring each goal and how it applies to their youth ministry. Units were asked to look at what they are currently doing in their mission with youth, what they are doing well, what could be improved and to come up with some new ideas or actions to implement in the future. After each Unit session, there was an opportunity to share with the whole region. Hearing from each Unit was very insightful and showed that many of the challenges we face in our mission with youth are universal and not just specific to our own Units.

The AORC Gathering on Mission with Youth was an incredible opportunity for the region to come together and share, forming new connections and strengthening old ones. Although we are from many different countries and cultures, we are united in our passion for the work we do with the young people in our region.

The Video resources and worksheets used to facilitate the program are now available on the Oblate Commission on Mission with Youth website, for other Regions, Delegations or Ministries to help explore this important document.