Fr. Diego Sáez Martín OMI
Postulator General

I am happy to announce that Dr. Michael Krischer, Vice-postulator, and his team, have created a magnificent website (in Spanish) on the future Cause of Bishop Pedro Shaw, OMI, also known as “Pa’i Puku” (“tall father” in Guaraní language), a holy missionary Oblate in the Paraguayan Chaco (1925 – 1984).

He travelled on horseback, on cachapé (Guaraní word for a horse cart), and sometimes on foot, through arid deserts and vast marshes, crossing rivers and streams, swamps plagued by all kinds of insects and vermin, mosquitoes, etc., knowing neither time, nor hour, nor frontiers, nor limits in terms of his physical constitution…

In order to revitalize the promotion of the Cause, the Vice Postulator, Dr. Michael Krischer, and the Pa’i Puku Commission, attended a digital conference with the local Bishop, Amancio Benítez Candia, the Postulator General Fr. Diego Sáez Martín OMI from Rome, and the Provincial, Fr. Jorge Albergati OMI from Buenos Aires, on 10 April 2021.

This is how the spirit and enthusiasm arose once again…

Do you want to know more about Pa’i Puku OMI or the Cause? Visit the excellent website! –