Our Constitution 127 states that the Superior General convokes a General Chapter every six years and presides at it. It has been six years since the 36th Chapter and now we embark on the final preparations for the 37th from September 14 to October 14, 2022, in Nemi, Italy.

A General Chapter strengthens the bond of our unity and allows the members to participate in the life and mission of the Congregation. “The Chapter is a privileged moment of community reflection and conversion, discerning God’s will in the urgent needs of our times and to thank the Lord for the work of salvation which he accomplishes through us.” (C125)

In the composition of a General Chapter, the number of members elected by the Congregation must constitute the majority of its members. Furthermore, the Conference of an Oblate Region submits for the approval of the Superior General in Council, procedures for the election of its delegates.

Having reviewed the names of the delegates and alternates from the Oblate World, the Superior General has presented the names to the Pre-capitular Commissioner. The Pre-capitular Commission, certifying the names and the eligibility of those presented, is ready to publish the names of the elected delegates.

There are thirty-three ex-officio members (General Administration, Superiors of Units with more than sixty members) plus forty-three elected capitulars. Additionally, the Superior General may invite two capitulars which brings the total to seventy-eight.

There are also thirty-five Oblates invited to serve the Chapter as auxiliary personnel.

We will have the list of capitulars with their photos published on our OMIWORLD page dedicated to the 37th General Chapter in April.

Rome, Solemnity of the of the Annuciation, March 25, 2022

Fr. Louis Lougen, OMI
Superior General
President, Pre-capitular Commission

Fr. Tom Ovalle, OMI
Commissioner, Pre-capitular Commission

OMI Chapter 2022 – Capitulars (78)

1. Ex-officio members (33)

A. General Administration (10)

Louis Lougen Superior General
Paolo Archiati Vicar General
Cornelius Ngoka Assistant General
Ramon Bernabe Assistant General
Antoni Bochm General Councilor
Guillaume Muthunda General Councilor
Peter Stoll General Councilor
Warren Brown General Councilor
Marc Dessureault Treasurer General
Constant Kienge Kienge Procurator General

B. Superiors of Units with more than 60 members (23)

Africa-Madagascar (7)
Ferdinand Owono Ndih Cameroon
Sidney Mothusi Boatile Lesotho
Alphonse Philbert Rakotondravelo Madagascar
Provincial OMI-SA
Joseph Ntumba Maboyi Congo
Louis Diedhiou Senegal
Raymond Mwangala Zambia

Latin America (3)
Lindomar Felix Da Silva Brazil
Jorge Albergati Tejera Cruz del Sur
Ellince Martyr Haiti

Asia-Asia-Oceania (5)
Roshan Silva Colombo
Provincial India
Eugene Benedict Jaffna
Gerry Gamaliel De Los Reyes Philippines
Emmanuel Tran Quang Khuong Vietnam

Canada-United States (3)
Kenneth Thorson OMI Lacombe Canada
Luc Tardif Notre-Dame-du-Cap
Louis Studer United States

Europe (5)
Oliver Barry Anglo-Irish Province
Felix Rehbock Central European Province
Vincent Gruber France
Gennaro Rosato Mediterranean Province
Paweł Zając Poland

2. Elected Delegates (43)

Namibia-Zambia Erastus Kapena Shimbome
South Africa-Zimbabwe Lizwelinjani Mlotshwa
Thabani Shoba
Cameroon-Nigeria Noël Doolalila
Peter Claver Anucha Osinachi
Congo-Angola David Ibwidi
Jean-Baptiste Malenge
Lesotho-Botswana Paul Katase Katase
Madagascar-Kenya Mfrankiel Fidèle Munkiele
Senegal-West Sahara Joseph Ndong
Brother Mirabeau Diatang

India-Bangladesh Ajit Victor Costa
Australia Christian Fini
Indonesia-Turkmenistan Eko Saktio
Jaffna Emmanuel Godfrey
Japan-Korea Jude Peirispulle
Pakistan Khan Masih Paulus
Philippines & Thailand-Laos Ross Kapunan
China-Vietnam Mark Anthony Serna
Colombo James Jayasinghe
Brother Gorgonio Bongao

Assumption Province Alfred Grzempa
Notre-Dame-du-Cap Rémi Lepage
OMI Lacombe Canada Richard Beaudette
United States Raymond Cook
Antonio Ponce
Brother Harley Mapes

Anglo-Irish Leo Philomin
Belgium-Netherlands Daniël Coryn
Central Europe Vlastimil Kadlec
France Martin Kedah
Mediterranean Alberto Gnemmi
Alberto Ruiz Gonzalez
Poland Wojciech Popielewski
Paweł Wyszkowski
Roman Tomanek
Brother Wieslaw Ratajczak

Brazil-Peru-Bolivia Manuel Jesús Fuertes Astocóndor
Baja California-Puerto Rico
José Ariel Martínez
Cruz del Sur-Venezuela Sergio Serrano
Haiti-Colombia-French Guyana Gasner Joint
Brother Phaniel Neptune

General House Henricus Asodo

3. Invited by the Sup. Gen. (R. 128a.6) (2)**

**Not yet nominated