Wednesday, 21 September 

Today’s morning was devoted to finalizing the reports.

The Treasurer General, Fr Marc Dessureault, answered the questions which had been addressed to him yesterday in writing by the regional groups. After a break, Fr. Constant Kienge-Kienge, Procurator General to the Holy See, presented his ministry, referring in particular to those who left the Congregation in the last 6 years.

In the afternoon the Capitulars were invited, like the disciples of Emmaus (Luke 24, 13-32), to reflect on what they had HEARD and SHARED during the first week of the Chapter. “What made our hearts burn?” and “What made them break?” were the questions that guided their reflection and sharing in small groups.

After dinner, Fr. Diego Sáez reported on the activities of the General Postulation and the causes of Oblate canonizations.