Friday, September 23rd

The day’s work began with an explanation from Fr. Christian Fini, president of the Chapter Steering Committee, on how the discernment process will continue in the coming days.

Following this, three Capitulars shared their spiritual reflections: Fr. Jorge Albergati (Cruz del Sur Province), Fr. Luc Tardif (Notre-Dame-du-Cap Province) and Fr. Henricus Asodo (Community of Aix-en-Provence). Each reflection was followed by a moment of meditative silence. After a break, the Capitulars met in groups. The morning ended with the celebration of the Eucharist by Regions.

In the afternoon, again in the plenary assembly, the groups shared their reflections and there was and open discussion among the Capitulars. Afterwards, the Steering Committee met with representatives from each Region to build on what had been worked on so far and to seek a common line to present to the Chapter.