Monday, September 26

In the morning, Frs. Christian FINI and Leo PHILOMIN, on behalf of the Steering Committee, explained the main themes and sub-themes proposed for the Chapter and proposed to the capitulars to work on this outline in small linguistic groups. The question that accompanied the reflection was: “After leaving Emmaus, what do we want to take with us to Jerusalem?” Back in the Assembly, the elected spokespersons shared the various group reflections, followed by a discussion in the Assembly.

In the afternoon, the names of the members of the drafting committee that will prepare the final document were voted on: Jean-Baptiste MALENGE, Raymond COOK, Alberto RUIZ GONZÁLEZ, Harry ABISHEGAM and Laudy MERILAND.

Father Warren Brown, General Councilor, introduced the spiritual meaning of the so-called “murmuratio”, which will take place in the coming days. It is a form of communal discernment that helps to purify the mind and heart to better hear the call of the Spirit in view of the election of the Superior General and his council.

Later, there was a prayer for the deceased Oblates of Covid, which was transmitted on-line. After supper, Father Henricus Asodo presented the activities of the Aix-en-Provence community.