Monday, October 10

Fr. Jim Brobst, the new Canada-U.S. Councillor arrived in Nemi, today.

After a relaxing weekend, the Capitulars faced the final week of the Chapter. Christian FINI, president of the Steering Committee, used the image of an airplane that must land properly after a long journey.

The morning was devoted to the presentation and discussion of various proposals developed by the Regions on various topics: Oblate Centers of higher education, The importance of the Constitutions and Rules as a “book of life” for Oblates, Ongoing formation with special attention to young Oblates, Restructuring the Congregation to respond to the new times.

In the afternoon, the Drafting Committee presented the first drafts of the Final Document “Pilgrims of Hope in Communion” and the Chapter Message. The Capitulars met in linguistic groups to study it and suggest improvements.