Enlarging the Tent: An Invitation to Growth for our Charism Families

Kusenberger Chair of Oblate Studies 2023 Public Lecture

Wednesday February 15  7:00PM – 8:30PM Central US Time

at Oblate School of Theology

The charism embodied and expressed by a founder or founding community has often “spun out” and seeds have been planted for the foundation of not just one, but often many, religious communities. In addition, these communities have welcomed lay missionaries, associates, co-workers and other lay partners who share the spirit, the spirituality, the outlook and the mission of the founder and those who have followed in their footsteps.

Through bringing together stories and theology, the participants in this session will explore the dream and the vision of what it means to be and to live as and in charismatic families. We will explore the possibilities that open to all if we have the courage and fidelity to walk this road, enlarging the tent through embracing this unfolding reality. We will delve into the theology and ecclesiology underlying this movement in the Church and, using examples drawn from various charismatic families around the world, expand our awareness of the great potential of this movement for mission.


Anne Walsh, D.Min and Redemptorist Lay Missionary. Dr. Walsh has presented workshops, courses, and retreats all over the world. She is the principal writer for “On Good Soil: Pastoral Planning for Evangelization and Catechesis with Adults”. Dr. Walsh is also known for her “Catholic Women in Leadership” series on Catholic television. She currently serves as the Coordinator of Partnership in Mission for the Redemptorist Family in North America, and as Chair of the Redemptorist General Commission for Partnership in Mission.


Individuals can register to participate online, via Zoom Webinar, or in person, on the OST campus/WTC 101:  https://ost.edu/event/enlarging-the-tent/

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