Saint Eugene’s life journey was always accompanied by Mary, whom he loved as mother. Looking back on his life he wrote in his will:

To this end, I invoke the intercession of the Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of God, daring to remind her in all humility, but with consolation, of the filial devotion of my whole life, and of the desire I have always had to make her known and loved, and to spread her devotion everywhere through the ministry of those whom the Church has given to me as children, who have had the same desire as myself…

Eugene de Mazenod’s will, 1 August 1854, E.O. XV n. 191


Pope Francis said this to the Mazenodian Family at the recent General Chapter:

“Mary the pilgrim, Mary journeying, Mary who arose in haste to go and serve. After saying her “yes” to God through the archangel Gabriel, she departed in haste to go to her cousin Elizabeth, to share the gift and to place herself at her service. In this too, may Mary be an example to you, for your life and for your mission”


(It applies to every category of member of the wide Mazenodian Oblate Family)

Come walk with us Mary, pilgrim of hope in communion. Give us your hand and your smile.

Teach us to look with the heart, to discover the merciful passage of God. Teach us to look at those whom no one looks at and discover that they are the ones chosen by Jesus as signs of His presence: the small and poor, the humble and vulnerable. Make us worthy to walk with them every day.

Take care, Mother, of our common home and our Oblate home. Help us discover what we need to do to make the planet and our communities a home where Jesus can be born. May our communion be the seed and leaven of universal brotherhood for the world.

At the foot of the cross and the crucified, teach us, Mary, to look at the world with the eyes of the crucified Saviour. As we contemplate you, Mary, may we commit ourselves to collaborating with the One who will bring God’s definitive victory over evil.

We are your Oblates: give us your smile, as you have done since our beginning. She intercedes for us, together with Saint Eugene and all the Oblate saints who have preceded us and make us embark on bold paths to become authentic pilgrims of hope in communion, who live and announce the Gospel. Amen.


Novena petition:

May we receive through the intercession of Mary and Saint Eugene the particular graces we ask for as pilgrims of hope.