Saint Eugene wrote to all the members of his missionary family:

The conclusion to be drawn from this, my dear friends and good brothers, is: we must work, with renewed ardour and still more total devotedness, to bring to God all the glory that stems from our efforts and, to the needy souls of our neighbours, salvation in all possible ways…  In the name of God, let us be saints.

18 February 1826, EO VII, n. 226

The words of Pope Francis apply to Saint Eugene:

“The Saints are not perfect models, but people through whom God has passed. We can compare them to the Church windows which allow light to enter in different shades of colour. The saints are our brothers and sisters who have welcomed the light of God in their heart and have passed it on to the world, each according to his or her own “hue”. But they were all transparent; they fought to remove the stains and the darkness of sin, so as to enable the gentle light of God to pass through. This is life’s purpose: to enable God’s light to pass through; it is the purpose of our life too.” 

Happy Feast Day of Saint Eugene to all of us, called to be stained-glass windows as a Mazenodian Family!