On May 1, 2024, seven Scholastics from the International Roman Scholasticate marked a significant milestone by making their Perpetual Oblation. Following the ceremony, the newly perpetually professed Oblates expressed their gratitude in a heartfelt vote of thanks.

On behalf of us seven brothers who professed perpetual vows today, I would like to share some words of gratitude.

We give thanks, above all, to God, who called us to become part of the Oblate family and has always been with us, guiding us, sustaining us, and transforming us step by step. In this way, all we have experienced, whether in times of joy or difficulty, has turned out to be grace upon grace. For this, we say thank you, Lord! In inviting us to give our lives to Christ, you have given us much more!

Many have journeyed with us to this point, and we hope to continue our journey together. I would like to thank those who were very close to us these past few years – our formators and brothers in the International Scholasticate community. Thank you, Fr. Gregory, Fr. Alexius, Fr. Antonio, and Fr. Mario, along with Fr. Clement and Fr. Benedicto. Thank you because, each day, you truly gave all of yourselves to help us grow as Oblates and become apostolic men in the footsteps of St. Eugene. Thank you, especially to Fr. Gregory, who accompanied us closely throughout the past year to prepare for perpetual vows. Thank you, brothers of our community, who have been our companions. Thank you for the brotherhood and goodness you share daily as we journey together. Thank you for all you have done to help prepare the celebration today, with the liturgy, the music, and those who worked to welcome our guests. Thank you, brothers!

Thank you also to the Central Government and to all the Oblates who live here in the General House. Thank you for your support and for the daily kindness you show. You truly make us feel like part of a bigger family. Your daily example in the service you undertake and all that you share with us has also greatly benefited our formation. Thank you in a special way to Fr. Luis Ignacio for celebrating today’s liturgy and for the various ways you support our formation community. Thank you for the words of wisdom and guidance you have shared with us at various times. We appreciate it very much.

Thank you to our spiritual directors! We are grateful to you for your continued accompaniment, for listening to us, for the advice you have offered us, and for your prayer on our behalf. Your support has been of great importance as we continually seek to follow the Lord.