Nnaemeka ALI, OMI

The Oblate youth of Ottawa have returned from their spiritual retreat deeply transformed and ready to take on a Holy Spirit-led mission in today’s world. After three days of reflection and prayer, the young members of Sacred Heart Parish in Ottawa are eager to strengthen their commitment to the mission of the Oblate family.

A Group of Committed International Students
The Oblate youth in Ottawa are composed of international students enrolled in various universities in the Canadian capital. Most of them are still continuing their studies, while some, having just completed their degrees, have entered the job market. Their fields of study include engineering, industrial design, accounting, public administration, chemistry, and health sciences.

Sacred Heart Parish: A Pillar of the Francophone Community
These young people are active members of Sacred Heart Parish, founded in 1889 to serve Ottawa’s French-speaking population. Sacred Heart continues to respond to the spiritual needs of a French-speaking community that has become multicultural. Located in the heart of the University of Ottawa, the parish welcomes students from diverse backgrounds, creating a true spiritual home. Thanks to its three Sunday celebrations, Sacred Heart allows the French-speaking community to express their faith in French.

A Dynamic and Committed Youth
The Oblate youth of Ottawa are fully involved in the various activities of the parish. They participate in the three choirs, serve at Mass, and engage in various other parish initiatives. They meet regularly to discuss their faith and their commitments within the ministry of the Oblate family.

An Enriching Spiritual Retreat
Sixteen young people took part in a weekend silent retreat to enrich their spiritual journey and reassess their missionary commitments. For three days, they explored the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christians, inspired by the scripture: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

Ottawa Oblate Youth

Fathers Ali and Edouard, who guided the retreat, created an atmosphere where the young people could truly experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. They balanced times of teaching with quiet reflection, allowing for deep personal insights. The sense of fellowship that developed during the retreat brought immense joy to everyone involved.

 Ready for a Renewed Mission
The youth affirm that they are now ready to collaborate more closely with parish members, putting the mission of our charismatic family into action.Thanks to this transformation, the Oblate youth in Ottawa are prepared to be living witnesses to the presence of the Holy Spirit in today’s world.

Ottawa Oblate Youth