Born in Marseilles, March 15, 1807.
Taking of the habit, Saint-Just, April 25, 1829.
Oblation in Marseilles, June 7, 1830. (no. 43)
Ordination to the priesthood at Fribourg, June 16, 1832.
Dispense from his vows, October 7, 1835.
Died at Marseilles, July 3, 1866.

Marius Jean-Baptiste Ailhaud was born in Marseilles, March 15, 1807. A diocesan seminarian in Marseilles, he entered the novitiate at Sain-Just, April 25, 1829 and made his oblation in Marseilles, June 7, 1830. A few months after, because of the July Revolution, he was sent to Billens in Switzerland with the novices and scholastic brothers. He was ordained to the priesthood in Fribourg at the hands of Bishop Yenni, June 16, 1832.

Marius’ health had always been fragile. At Billens, he was on a special diet and was dispensed from some of the exercises of piety and study. After the departure of the scholastic brothers at the beginning of 1833, he remained in Switzerland for an additional few months. He wrote to the Founder to tell him that his health was not improving and that only under the care of his parents could he recover his health. He then received his obedience for the house in Aix. He behaved well, even during the cholera epidemic of 1835. At the time, he even spent a month at the hospital where he was chaplain. But, from there, he found a refuge with some friends in the country and wrote to Father Courtès that he had left the Congregation: His health did not permit him to remain in the Congregation and, moreover, his presence was useless there. A few days after, he wrote to Bishop de Mazenod at Notre-Dame du Laus on the occasion of the Icosie affair and to Father Tempier in Marseilles. He asked the Founder for a dispensation of his vows. To Father Tempier on the 2nd of September, he wrote that the Congregation: “brings forth members only in suffering and contradiction. He sees himself as too weak to bear such trials.”

Bishop de Mazenod acknowledged that this priest was not doing much for the Congregation, was not a good religious and a fugitive. By an October 7 letter, he dispensed him from his vows. When he returned to Marseilles, he summoned his council on October 21. By unanimous vote, Ailhaud was expelled from the society. In the Registry for the taking of the habit, he wrote that Ailhaud “apostatized and was expelled the following October 7, 1835. ”

By a March 1, 1837 letter, Bishop Fortuné de Mazenod allowed him to be excardinated from the diocese of Marseilles. L’Abbé Ailhaud then tried to work his way back into the Founder’s good graces. He came to see him in March of 1837 and at the beginning of February 1838. He even wanted to be readmitted to the Congregation. His request was rejected by the General Council February 5, 1838. He then worked in the diocese of Marseilles. In 1861, he was appointed parish priest at Plan du Cuque, then vicar at la Major in 1864. After a short illness, he died in Marseilles, July 3, 1866.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.