Born at Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans (Drôme), February 12, 1829.
Taking of the habit at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, August 26, 1847.
Oblation at Nancy, August 27, 1848 (no. 208)
Expelled, May 6, 1850.

Théodore Allemand was born at Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans, diocese of Valence on February 12, 1829. He began his novitiate at Notre-Dame de l’Osier on August 26, 1847 and continued it in Nancy where he made his oblation August 27, 1848. In the August 15 session of the General Council of that month, he was admitted to vows because, as we read in the session’s report, “his prayer life, his happy disposition, his excellent spirit make him look like a good addition to the Congregation.”

He studied theology at the major seminary of Marseilles until his expulsion by the General Council on May 6, 1850. His instability, his need for affection and love of the world was always a cause of concern for the directors of the seminary. In 1850, “he failed seriously and an a number of occasions in his duties to his director and we have even had reason to believe that this wretch may have during the day or at night committed some act contrary to good morals particularly with regard to one of his confreres for whom he had developed a violent and execrable passion.” That is why, on May 6, Father Tempier was asked to “expel in all haste [Brother Allemand] from a house which he was so unworthy to dwell.”

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.