Born at Lamath (Meurthe and Moselle), March 19, 1833.
Taking of the habit at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, August 14, 1852.
Oblation at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, August 15, 1853. (no. 347)
Dispensed from his vows in 1865.

Adolphe André was born in Lamath near Lunéville in the diocese of Nancy on March 19, 1833. He entered the novitiate on August 14, 1852 at Notre-Dame de l’Osier where he made his oblation on August 15, 1853. At the General Council session of July 31, he was admitted to vows based on the notes supplied by the master of novices “entirely satisfactory under the aspects of his prayer life and of the religious virtues. […] The only thing that needs to be added concerning Brother Andre is that which deals with his lack of polish in manners and his odd appearance.”

He subsequently spent two years studying at the major seminary of Marseilles. Father Mouchette, the moderator of the scholastic brothers, always judged him rather harshly. Here are a few extracts from his reports: “1853: Good health, of a surprising simplicity which would be laughable if one did not know of his virtuousness. Too nit-picky in his obedience, takes everything literally […]; 1854: very good and very regular, but too simple, too slow in everything. His health is somewhat compromised by the conflictual situation in which he is living […]; 1855: cannot take his life in hand in any matter. He drowns in a drop of water and cannot find his way out of it […]; lacks practical judgment […]; Put into the ranks of the lay brothers, he asked to be removed from there to continue his studies.”

He was subsequently sent to Notre-Dame de Bon Secours. In September-October of 1855, Father Martin, the superior, wrote that Brother André wanted to study and that he would send him away. In the spring of 1858, through the good offices of Father Berne of Nancy, he asked to be readmitted to the Congregation. He was accepted and sent to Notre-Dame de l’Osier to continue his theological studies under the direction of Father Pont. At the General Council session of September 27, 1861, the decision was taken to send him to Aix. In the session’s report, we read: “He is intractable, peevish, never opens a book. It is to be feared that he will lapse into a state of complete madness. Le council deplores the fact that this brother was admitted to oblation and more than that to the sub-diaconate. The Most Reverend Father General will ask Rev. Father Courtès to deign to accept him at Aix in order to remove him from l’Osier and from all contact with the novices.”

He remained in the house of Aix until 1865 and asked in vain to be ordained to the priesthood. In 1864, he wrote to Father Fabre to ask to be dispensed from his vows. Dispensation was granted to him in 1865. According to a letter from the superior of the major seminary of Rheims, in 1866, Abbé André asked to be admitted to this seminary.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.