Born at Saint-Firmin (Meurthe-et-Moselle), August 8, 1836.
Taking of the habit at Nancy, January 19, 1859.
Oblation at Nancy, October 5, 1859. (no. 496)
Died at Nancy, October 6, 1859.

Félicien Antoine was born at Saint-Firmin, diocese of Nancy on August 8, 1836. After one year of theological studies at the major seminary, he began his novitiate at Nancy on January 19, 1859. Father Guinet, the novice master, wrote: “Without being endowed with brilliant talents, Antoine is a candidate who has good judgment… charitable, he will be a good novice.” In February-March-April, he added: “Regular in his observance without being fastidious. Deft and active in his responsibility as infirmarian which takes up a lot of his time. However, he is not forgetful of his interior life which suffers in consequence because of the distractions, some periods of dryness and rare periods of distaste for things spiritual… Activities of a good missionary. He preaches well… Always the same, courageous. He especially prizes good order and forethought in everything.”

The name of this scholastic brother no longer appears in Oblate sources with the exception of an entry in the Personnel Registry of 1862-1863. Under his name, we read: “he fell ill during his novitiate. He made his oblation on his death bed October 5, 1859.” He died October 6.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.