From the first General Chapter held October 24, 1818 on, at the end of the chapters during the Founders time, there were always elected: four assistants, a secretary, a procurator and an admonitor for the Superior General.

Father Tempier was always elected as admonitor, except for 1818-1821. The procurators general changed several times. They usually lived at some distance from Marseilles. For practical purposes, it was Father Tempier who was always general treasurer or procurator general. Several priests also held the title of secretary general. Since they lived at some distance from Marseilles, they rarely took part in general council sessions which were held at least once a month. It does seem that it was Father Casimir Aubert who often acted as secretary. A registry of the general councils did not exist during the Founder’s lifetime except for the period from December 16, 1844 to May 28, 1859. It was Father Aubert who kept up this registry until he left for England in the summer of 1848. He was replaced by Father Jean Joseph Lagier in October of 1848 until the summer of 1850, then by Father Charles Bellon from 1850-1852. Father Aubert once again kept the registry right up until 1859. Here is the list of members of the General Council elected in the General Chapters.

Aubert, Casimir: Assistant and substitute secretary: 1837-1843; fourth assistant and secretary general: 1856-1860.
Bellon, Charles: Fourth assistant and secretary general: 1850-1856.
Courtès, Hippolyte: procurator general: 1818-1821; third assistant: 1824-1831; third assistant and secretary general:1831-1837; second assistant: 1837-1843; third assistant and secretary general: 1843-1850; second assistant: 1850-1861; third assistant: 1861-1863.
Deblieu, Sébastien: First assistant and admonitor: 1818-1821; second assistant and secretary general: 1821-1823.
Fabre, Joseph: Procurator general: 1850-1861; superior general: 1861-1892.
Guibert, Hippolyte: Fourth assistant: 1831-1837; third assistant and secretary general: 1837-1843; first assistant: 1843-1850.
Honorat, Jean-Baptiste: Procurator general: 1824-1843.
Maunier, Emmanuel: Second assistant and secretary general: 1818-1821; third assistant: 1821-1823.
Mazenod, Eugène de: Superior general: 1818-1861.
Mie, Pierre, Nolasque: Fourth assistant: 1818-1824; second assistant: 1824-1837; fourth assistant: 1837-1841.
Mille, Vincent: Procurator general: 1843-1850.
Moreau, Noël, François: Procurator general: 1821-1824; fourth assistant: 1843-1846.
Soulerin, Alexandre: Procurator general: 1861…
Suzanne, Marius: Fourth assistant and secretary general: 1824-1829.
Tempier, Henry: Third assistant: 1818-1821; first assistant: 1821-1843; second assistant:1843-1850; first assistant: 1850-1861…
Vandenberghe, Florent: Fourth assistant: 1856-1861; fourth assistant and secretary general: 1861…
Vincens, Ambroise: Third assistant: 1850-1861; second assistant: 1861…

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.