Mission and then parish near Fremantle, Australia (1894 – 1964)

Beaconsfield is an outlying district of Fremantle that came under the pastoral care of the Oblates when they took over the parish of Fremantle in 1894.

The first Mass was celebrated in the newly erected weatherboard school/church on January 18, 1903, by Father Charles Cox, O.M.l. The beautiful parish church was built by Father John Ryan, O.M.l., and was blessed on August 18, 1936.

On September 17, 1952, Beaconsfield, which until then was a district in the parish of Fremantle, was erected canonically as a district parish and Father T. W. Purcell, O.M.l., was appointed parish priest.

A parish house was opened in 1954. Permission was given that year by the (Roman) Congregation of “Propaganda Fide” to establish a new house there dedicated to Christ the King.

In 1964 the Oblates withdrew from the parish in favour of the Fathers of the Society of African

Missions (S.M.A.), who were to open a college for boys and to take over the pastoral care of the

Area. The Archbishop offered them the pastoral care of the area and they accepted. The Oblates withdrew after Easter 1964.

Donald Hughes, OMI