Born in Aix, October 18, 1807
Taking of the habit, Aix, September 8, 1825
Oblation, Marseilles, June 3, 1827 (n. 27)
Ordination to the priesthood, Marseilles, May 28, 1831
Left, probably in 1831.

Victor François Cailas was born in Aix, October 18, 1807 and began his novitiate at the Oblate house, La Mission, June 3, 1826. He made his oblation June 3, 1827 in Marseilles where he studied theology until his ordination to the priesthood at the hands of Bishop Fortuné de Mazenod, May 28, 1832.

He, then, left the Congregation and explained his actions in a letter to Father Courtès. He justified his departure by saying that his parents were no longer able to work at the Bishop’s palace in Marseilles and from that time on he was under an obligation to contribute to their support. He added that he left “without the least thing against any individual whom I have always looked upon as my brothers, nor against the superiors who have always been fathers to me.” There was no report of the dispensation of vows written up in the Register of expulsions and dispensation from vows. However, Bishop de Mazenod wrote beside his name in the Register of taking of the habit: “He apostatized in genuine Judas style. Subsequent to his leaving the Congregation, he was posted in the diocese of Aix and was suspended. Let’s pray to God that he undergoes a conversion.”

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.