Secretary General of the Bishop’s House in Marseilles, 1842 to 1861

Jean Joseph Carbonnel was born at La Ciotat on May 16, 1809. After having completed his theological studies at the major seminary in Marseilles, he was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Eugene de Mazenod, bishop of Icosia on June 29, 1833. He was director of the chapter choir, assistant priest at La Ciotat and at Aubagne, then secretary general of the bishop’s house from 1842 to 1861. In 1846, Bishop de Mazenod appointed him an honorary canon.

Bishop de Mazenod seems to have appreciated the services rendered him by the secretary general. However, on one occasion or the other, during the periods he stayed at Paris to be present for the sessions of the senate, Bishop de Mazenod was upset because Carbonnel would leave the bishop’s house or leave the bishop “in total ignorance of all the affairs of the diocese.” (Letters to Father Fabre, February 12, 1857 and to Father Tempier, March 10, 1859) Canon Carbonnel died on February 6, 1870.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.