Born at Vulbens (Haute-Savoie), September 29, 1829.
Taking of the habit at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, November 19, 1847.
Perpetual oblation at Le Calvaire, February 17, 1850. (no. 234)
Left the Congregation after 1856.

Joseph Compin was born at Vulbens in the diocese of Annecy, September 29, 1829. He entered the novitiate of Notre-Dame de l’Osier on November 19, 1847. He made his annual vows on December 25, 1848 and made his perpetual oblation on February 17, 1850. He was admitted to perpetual profession at the February 16, 1850 session of the General Council. This is the judgment they made of him: “Brother Compin, assigned to our house at Le Calvaire in Marseilles as a lay brother, is known to all the members of the Council. His qualities, his religious virtues, his ability to carry out the tasks to which lay brothers can be assigned in the houses of the Congregation are, in the view of the Council, more than sufficient to admit without difficulty the abovementioned brother Compin to the grace of perpetual vows. This was a unanimous decision and the brother was admitted to making his perpetual commitment tomorrow already, the anniversary of the approbation of our institute.”

In 1851, Brother Compin received his obedience for Natal and left with Fathers Allard, Sabon, Dunne and scholastic brother Logefaray. Shortly after his arrival at Pietermaritzburg, he began to suffer from homesickness and returned to France in 1852. Bishop de Mazenod acknowledged that he had subjected him to “trials that were too arduous” and on December 29, 1852 sent him to Nancy to take over duties in the kitchen or any other kind of service. Brother’s conduct in this house was found lacking. The Founder wrote to Father Charles Baret on August 16, 1853, telling him to nourish brother’s spiritual life well. “Word reached me that this Brother is not such as he had promised to be when I forgave him for the excessiveness of his prank. It is possible that he may have been a little neglected in so far as the formation of the coadjutor brothers is concerned …” (Oblate Writings I, vol. 11, no. 1170, p. 160) Afterwards, Brother Compin was cook at Le Calvaire in 1854-1856. From then on we no longer find his name in the writings of Oblates.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.