Born: St-Hyacinthe (Lower Canada), September 30, 1830
Took the habit: Longueuil, December 7, 1842.
Vows: Montreal. November 21, 1851 (Nos. 236 and 324).
Died: Montreal, April 1, 1854.

Jean-Baptiste Langlois was born in Saint-Hyacinthe, then the diocese of Quebec, on September 30, 1800. He began his novitiate in Longueuil on December 7, 1842, and made his first vows on December 8, 1843 (he was erroneously given the number 236) and his final oblation was in Montréal on November 21, 1851. He was factotum in Longueuil in the period 1843-1850 and in Saint-Pierre-Apôtre, Montréal, 1850-1854. He died there on April 1, 1854. In a letter dated that same day, Father Jacques Santoni, Provincial, announced his death saying that he died of “an illness associated with exhaustion and dropsy from which he had suffered for quite a long time”. He was the first member to die in the Province in Canada. He is buried in the Oblate cemetery at Richelieu.

Yvon Beaudoin
and Gaston Carrière, o.m.i.