Born in Leeds, England, on 16 July 1833.
Took the habit in Sicklinghall on 16 February 1854
Final Oblation in Sicklinghall on 17 February 1856 (No. 565)
Died in Daingean on 21 May 1916

Patrick Mahony was born in Leeds, England, on 16 July 1833. He began his novitiate in Sicklinghall on 16 February 1854 and made his final oblation on 17 February 1856.

His various assignments are clearly indicated in his file at the General Archives: February 1855 – Leeds; February 1857 – Dublin; December 1866 – London; October 1868 – Dublin; August 1881 – Sicklinghall; January 1883 – Philipstown; March 1887 – London; July 1889 – Philipstown.

We read in Missions OMI 1879 (p.359) that the Inchicore church was opened to the public while still incomplete in December 1878; it had cost to date £10,000 and this outlay “has been completely covered; it is principally the pennies of the poor which have enabled this result, and it is Brother Mahony, with the help of a local committee, over a period of six years, who raised this sum, devoting himself over the last six years to this difficult and unattractive work.”

According to the Personnels 1880-1911 Brother Mahony worked principally in St. Conleth’s Reformatory School, Philipstown. In a report of the provincial Father Thomas Leahy in 1919, dealing with deaths, we read: “The reformatory in Philipstown has also been deprived of the service and good example of Brothers John Walsh, John Boylan, Thomas Manelis, Patrick Mahony and Patrick Fox, all men of deep piety, whose minds were fixed on God, and endowed with a remarkable formation and acknowledged ability who consecrated their entire energy to promote the well-being of this large foundation to which they were attached” (Missions OMI, 1921, p. 264). Brother Patrick died in Philipstown (now called Daingean) on 21 May 1916.

Yvon Beaudoin
and Michael Hughes, o.m.i.