Born at Pont-d’Aubenas (Ardèche), May 17, 1834.
Taking of the habit at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, May 20, 1856.
Perpetual oblation at Montolivet, February 17, 1860. (no. 499)
Died at Aix-en-Provence, April 2, 1898.

Henri Nigros was born at Pont-d’Aubenas in the diocese of Viviers on May 17, 1834. He began his novitiate at Notre-Dame de l’Osier on May 20, 1856. Father Vandenberghe, the novice master, wrote in his June-July notes: “Nigros, good hearted, has a prayer life, but a bit flighty, no malice; is developing well in every respect.” During the summer, Brother Nigros was sent to Montolivet where he made his first vows on November 1, 1857, his five year vows on February 17, 1859 and his perpetual vows in the presence of Bishop de Mazenod on February 17, 1860.

In the Personnel Registry of 1862-1863, under his name was written: “Small in stature and small in spirit, a flagging health, prayer life a bit peculiar, self-satisfied. Works moderately and enjoys his little comforts. He is a tailor and could hardly do anything else. He spent all his time at Montolivet and, when the scholastic brothers left, went to la Garde and then, in 1863, he was called to Paris.”

An obituary and a few appearances of his name in Missions O.M.I., not withstanding, we cannot determine with precision the dates of his various obediences, but it seems that in the Oblate houses he never worked as a tailor. At Montolivet, from 1856 to 1861, he acted as infirmarian and sacristan. He was infirmarian as well in Paris from 1863 to 1870. Father Tempier was among the patients he treated. In this regard, we read in his obituary: “In particular, he lavished his best care on our venerated Father Francis Tempier. He loved him like a father, offering him the most touching tokens of a genuine filial love, often sleeping in a corner of his room in order constantly to be at hand to help him.”

According to Missions O.M.I., he was in Autun during the war of 1870 and, with the other brothers, he was conscripted into the National Guard. He was subsequently, it seems, porter and sacristan at Aix until his death, with the exception of two years as sacristan at Notre-Dame de Bon Secours (1880-1882) and two years at Le Calvaire (1890-1891). In Aix, wrote the author of this obituary, he carried out his functions “to the general satisfaction of everyone, be it the priests of the community, be it the public who, at that time, attended the chapel and the house in large numbers. The faithful admired the good organization and the brilliance of the feasts celebrated in the chapel and were edified by the prayerfulness and spirit of faith of the sacristan; and the visitors were delighted with the warm welcome and the courtesy of the porter who had retained the polish of the capital city.”

He died in Aix on April 2, 1898 at the age of 64 years.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.