Oblate presence: 1969-2016 Geographic Location: Ottawa, Canada’s capital

A preliminary note states: “The Provincial Council of the St. Joseph Province, dated May 22, 1969, declares that the Board of Directors of the Deschâtelets Building officially takes office to prepare for the final implementation of the financial administration by July 1. However, even before it officially took office, the Board already had the authority to proceed informally. Several meetings of the appointed members, the three superiors of the Oblate communities concerned, took place before that date and the minutes of these meetings are recorded in this collection (Council of February 5, 1970).”

The analysis of the Acts of the Provincial Council (March 21, 1970), since June 1967, indicates that there have been two distinct stages in the ownership of the property of the Deschâtelets Building.

First stage: The property moves from the Saint-Joseph Scholasticate to the Maison Deschâtelets (June 1967 to February 1969). The canonical ownership of the property of the Scholasticate of St. Joseph is transferred to the new house. Maison Deschâtelets is the owner of all the buildings and land formerly owned by the Scholasticate. The Scholasticate became a tenant (July 3, 1967). Maison Deschâtelets acts as the owner of the building.

Second stage: The property was transferred from Maison Deschâtelets to the provincial administration (March to October 1967). The need to relocate the community of Sedes Sapientiae and thus increase the number of Oblate communities in the Deschâtelets Building. The bare ownership belongs to the provincial administration. Though there was no official deed of transfer of ownership, the three Oblate communities (Saint-Joseph Scholasticate, Villeneuve Residence and Roy Residence) are considered tenants and usufructuaries. The Oblate communities own their own property and share the revenues of the building, which they administer jointly, like a cooperative. The Building Council is composed of the three superiors or their replacements, each with one vote. The Administrator, appointed by the Provincial Government, has no vote, although he may express his opinion.

The situation of the new House was canonically ratified by a decree of the General Administration on November 14, 1970.

The Oblates permanently leave the Deschâtelets Building at the end of June 2016 after its sale to a residential home contractor.

Eugène Lapointe OMI