Oblate presence: 1977-2004

On August 10, 1977, the Provincial Council decided to canonically erect a religious residence in the city of Ottawa called Emmaus. It was granted the status of a religious residence without a governing board, but with a Director in charge. This canonical erection took effect through the official promulgation by the Provincial or his delegate before the community of the said Emmaus residence, which met for that purpose.

The foundation of a second residence for the scholasticate became necessary because the current residence, Saint-Jean, was too small to accommodate everyone. The new residence was located at 6 Toronto Street in Ottawa.

A new project for the provincial scholasticate: to acquire a block of apartments with four housing units that is about to be completed at 117 Havelock Street. It is very well located one kilometre from Saint Paul University and probably the same distance from the University of Ottawa.

From Havelock Street to Deschâtelets Building (April 12, 1988): the issue was raised because of the space that had become available and the possibility of services (library, gymnasium, large grounds, etc.). It was therefore decided to move to Deschâtelets. The Emmaus Residence kept its character as a formation house with its own rhythm and certain times and activities separate from the main building complex. Thus, it was decided to sell the Havelock Street house on May 2, 1990.

Eugène Lapointe OMI