Oblate presence: 1981-1995

The parish was founded in 1889. It was a detachment from St. Joseph’s Parish.

  1. The first church was opened for worship in 1893. It burned on June 10, 1907. It was said to be a superb church, to be the pride of the capital and of Canada as a whole; fire threw a treasure of architecture into the ashes.
  2. The second church was opened for worship in early 1911. Brother Joseph Normand had been the supervisor of the work and the spire of the bell tower was 227 feet high. This church was, in turn, razed to the ground by fire on November 24, 1978.

The Superior General wrote a rescript for its reconstruction that authorized the expenditure of Can$2,300,000 for the construction of a church-presbytery-community centre complex that was signed in Rome on July 9, 1980.

The parish community cooperated closely throughout the reconstruction process. The official opening and blessing of the new church took place on December 8, 1981.

Eugène Lapointe OMI