Born at Marseilles, August 5, 1811
Taking of the habit at Saint-Just, July 10, 1834
Ordination to the priesthood at Marseilles, September 20, 1834
Oblation at Aix, July 14, 1835 (no. 62)
Joined the Carthusians, August, 1836
Died May 22, 1879.

Pierre Pachiaudi was born in Marseilles August 5, 1811. He was studying at the major seminary of Marseilles when he decided to become an Oblate. He took the habit July 10, 1834 at Saint-Just near Marseilles and was ordained to the priesthood during his novitiate, September 20, 1834. After his oblation, July 14, 1835, he received his obedience for the house at Le Calvaire. In April 1836, Father Albini who had been his spiritual director at the seminary at Marseilles asked to have Father Pachiaudi work with him in Corsica, but Pachiaudi fled Marseilles without the authorization of Bishop Fortuné de Mazenod, his bishop and of Bishop Eugene de Mazenod, his religious superior. He was received at “la Grande Chartreuse.”

In his letters and in his Diary in 1836 and 1837 Bishop de Mazenod reflects on several occasions on this flight and on the conduct of the Carthusians who accepted this novice without seeking to inform themselves about him. Nevertheless, October 14, 1836 he wrote that Father Pachiaudi did not deserve to be branded an apostate, something so many others had earned for themselves. He added: “We think that he is fooling himself, that his deranged disordered fancy, a weakness he himself acknowledged many times, has misled him, leading him outside of his calling.”

Before finishing his novitiate with the Carthusians, Father Pachiaudi wrote to Father Albini to ask if he should remain with the Carthusians or return to the Oblates. Father Albini advised him to return to his first calling, but Father Pachiaudi remained with the Carthusians until his death at the Carthusians monastery at Glandier, May 22, 1879.

November 7, 1955, Father A. M. Sochay, archivist, wrote to the Oblate postulator that Father Pachiaudi was an excellent Carthusian and had spent his life entrusted with positions of responsibility.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.