Born at Saint-Pierre (Ardèche), July 12, 1818.
Taking of the habit at Montolivet, March 24, 1856.
Perpetual oblation at Montolivet, February 17, 1860. (no. 498)
Died at Autun, December 6, 1899.

Bruno Reboul was born at Saint-Pierre in the diocese of Viviers on July 12, 1818. He began his novitiate at Montolivet on March 24, 1856 and made his annual vows there on March 28, 1857, those of five years in 1858 and his perpetual oblation before Bishop de Mazenod on February 17, 1860.

In the Personnel Registry of 1862-1863, we read under his name: “Of very robust health, solid in virtue with a great tractability. Average in intelligence, little foresight, not well organized. He works the land. He is good at unskilled labor.”

The name of this brother appears rarely in Oblate sources and we are unable to tell what were his various obediences. He was still in Montolivet in 1863 according to Missions O.M.I. He was at Notre-Dame de Sion in 1878 and, after that, he always worked as gardener in the parish in Saint-Jean in Autun. In his September 30, 1886 report, Father Marchal, the superior, wrote: “Our beloved brothers fulfill their tasks with devotion and fidelity. Brother Reboul, the oldest of the brothers here, had our fine and lovely garden in beautiful shape and had tastefully replaced the many trees and the fine trellises that the frost had destroyed…” He died in Autun on December 6, 1899.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.