Born ù from vows, June 13, 1831.

Léon Gustave Reynier was born in Marseilles, April 11, 1805. He took the habit in Aix on September 23, 1825 and made his oblation on March 10, 1826. He became seriously ill in July-August, 1827. The Founder speaks of an inflammation, and adds that the man was dying with pain, when he was cured by invoking Blessed Alphonse Liguori.

He was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Fortuné de Mazenod October 14, 1827. It seems that he always remained at Le Calvaire in Marseilles where he was Novice Master in the spring of 1828. In July of 1829, Father de Mazenod wrote to Father Tempier who was making the canonical visitation of Le Calvaire telling him to compel Father Reynier to cut short his sessions in the sacristy and in the parlour where his mother caused him to waste a great deal of time. He asked Tempier to tell him to study more and work at his own sanctification according to his vocation.

On June 13, 1831, he was dispensed from his vows. The Registry of expulsions and dispensations gives a long list of complaints, not serious in themselves, but whose sum total was judged grounds enough to expel him. He “failed regularly in punctuality in attending community exercises.” He is innocent of “the law of silence,” hardly ever asks for permission. He has no community life or interior life or love of work, making everyone wait for him for the various services held in the church at Le Calvaire. In addition to that, “on various occasions, he has held truly scandalous opinions in political matters.” The Superior General has tried “continuously, but in vain, to recall him to his duty.”

August 1, 1831, Bishop Fortuné de Mazenod appointed Father Reynier to serve the chapel of Saint-Louis in Marseilles. In 1837-1838, Father Reynier made several requests to be readmitted to the Congregation. Bishop de Mazenod interviewed him and concluded that, before submitting his case to the General Council, he would have to wait until the death of his father and his mother and that, in any case, he was ill-equipped for religious life.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.