Born at Saint-Maximin (Isère) March 31, 1825.
Taking of the habit at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, June 20, 1848.
Oblation at Notre-Dame de l’Osier, June 21, 1849. (no. 248)
Ordination to the priesthood at Marseilles, December 17, 1853.
Left the Congregation in July 1864.

Laurent Roux was born at Saint-Maximin in the diocese of Grenoble on March 31, 1825. He entered the novitiate of Notre-Dame de l’Osier on June 20, 1848 and made his oblation there on June 21, 1849. After four years of theology at the major seminary of Marseilles, he was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop de Mazenod on December 17, 1853.

We find him as treasurer at Notre-Dame de l’Osier in 1853-1854, then as assistant priest at Notre-Dame de Talence. From 1856 to 1861, he was professor of canon law and treasurer at the major seminary at Marseilles. In 1861-1862, he was sent to Le Calvaire in Marseilles and given the responsibility of the associations and confessor of the Sisters of Saint Charles and of Saint Thomas de Villeneuve. In 1862-1863, he taught canon law at the seminary at Ajaccio, but during the summer of 1863, he returned to Le Calvaire and, on July 29, he communicated to Father Fabre the state of antipathy in which he found himself. He had been discharged from his services at the seminary in Marseilles, and told that he was an incompetent teacher and treasurer. As a result of false accusations leveled against him, he was send away from Le Calvaire. He stated: “Incompetent as a professor as I was told so blatantly eleven months ago, incompetent to carry out a prudent ministry [at Le Calvaire…], a burden was laid upon my heart, a burden all the heavier since I perceived the excessiveness of such harsh judgments brought against me.”

It seems he spent the year of 1863-1864 at Le Calvaire, then, according to the Codex Historicus of that house, he left on July 31, 1864. In a few letters to Father Fabre in January of 1865, he insisted on obtaining dispensation from his vows.

Yvon Beaudoin, o.m.i.